The competition is organized by the China Packaging Federation, and the award certificate is stamped with the seal of China Packaging Federation, which is a national-level association. The competition launched in China is open to designers across the glob. Participants are divided into professional group, postgraduate group and undergraduate group. The postgraduate group refers to postgraduate students studying in school and postgraduate students who graduated in the current year; the undergraduate group refers to undergraduates who are studying in school and undergraduates who graduated in the current year; the professional group refers to teachers or professional designers other than students. The scope of the competition includes two types - "Packaging Creativity" and "Art Design". More specific categories are detailed in the relevant design content categories of the two main types.

Competition Theme

Design Smart & Crossover
Creating Your Smart & Slash Life
Making Your Life with Smart & Crossover Design
Bringing Smart & Crossover Design to Life
Smart • Starter • Slash
Smart & Crossover Design for a Better Life


Organized By China Packaging Federation

Hosted By Packaging Engineering Committee of China Packaging Federation, Packing Dynamics Committee of Chinese Society for Vibration Engineering, "China Packaging" Magazine, China Academy of Art Shanghai Institute of Design, China Academy of Art Design & Innovation School, Hangzhou School and Enterprise Union Technology Consulting Service Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Yibin Wuliangye Group Co., Ltd.

Supporting Units: packaging associations (package associations, packaging offices) and subordinate design committees of Provinces, Autonomous Regions, and Municipalities with Independent Planning Status; domestic packaging schools, design & art schools, design companies, packaging companies, etc.

Supporting Media: "Packaging Engineering” Magazine, "Hunan Packaging" Magazine,, LotusFlower,,,,,, Lu Junyi_DesignLive Studio, E-Package China, and some college websites.

Registration Website:
China Creative Packaging Design Award (Official Website) (

Organizing Committee

Consultant: Li Hua, President of China Packaging Federation Director: Wang Yuezhong, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Packaging Federation Deputy Director :( in alphabetical order)

Lu Xiaobo, Director of the Design Professional Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education; Dean and Professor of Fine Arts School, Tsinghua University

Ning Gang, Deputy Director of the Design Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education; Former President and Professor of Jingdezhen Ceramic University

Wu Xiaohua, Assistant Dean and Professor of China Academy of Art; Dean of Shanghai Institute of Design, China Academy of Art; Dean of the School of Innovation and Design, China Academy of Art (concurrently)

Gao De, Director of Packaging Dynamics Committee of China Society for Vibration Engineering; Director of Packaging Engineering Committee of China Packaging Federation; Professor of Ningbo Institute of Technology in Zhejiang University

Xu Wencai, Director of the Packaging and Printing Committee of China Packaging Federation; Former Vice President and Professor of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication

Zhang Yaoquan, Member of Packaging Dynamics Committee of Chinese Society for Vibration Engineering; Director of Packaging Engineering of China Packaging Federation

Zhang Changfan, Deputy Director of Packaging Education Committee of China Packaging Federation; Vice President and Professor of Hunan University of Technology

Liu Bin, President and Professor of Tianjin Vocational Institute;

Lu Lixin, Professor of Jiangnan University

Zhu Xuguang, Final Judge of National Social Science Foundation of Arts; Dean and Professor, School of Art and Design, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Hu Xiaoyang, Vice Chairman of the Photography Education Committee of China Higher Education Association; Dean and Professor, School of Design and Art, Communication University of Zhejiang

Deng Xiaopeng, General Consultant of Oriental Life Aesthetics Design Standard; Professor, China Academy of Art

Liang Lanbo, Distinguished Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor, Director of the Art and Design Center of the University of Macau; Deputy Dean of Cao Guangbiao College; Tenured Professor, University of Missouri, Columbia

Sho Naoto 鼎プロダクツ株式会社

Park il Kwun Professor,Dept of Industrial Design,Changwon National University

General Secretary of the Organizing Committee:
Wang Li'an, Fang Jun
Secretary of the Organizing Committee:
Wang Yuanyuan, Xiao Wei, Zhang Yue

Competition Contents

The participants are free to design with the main line -- Autonomy Thesis. Autonomy Thesis; the entries should mainly revolve around "art design" and "packaging creativity" as the main lines, focusing on "uniqueness". With the given two major categories, the competition has no theme limitation. All entries submitted must be original with design traces, and can comprehensively reflect and highlight its uniqueness and innovation. All entries submitted should be classified and registered according to the categories for hierarchical evaluation.
Types of "art design" and "packaging creativity"

① Categories of Art Design Entries:
a. Visual Communication Design
b. Environmental Art Landscape Design
c. Industrial Design

② Categories of Creative Packaging Entries:
a. Packaging Visual Design
b. Packaging Structure Design
c. Packaging Material Process Design

Competition Groups

Participants are classified into professional group, postgraduate group and undergraduate group. Independent designers, college teachers, and graduates who have graduated for more than two years are included in the professional group. The designer should submit his/her works to the correct group. No changes will be allowed after submission.

Entries Submission

(1) All entries should be submitted on the registration website Participants need to log on the official website of "China Creative Packaging Design Award" to register and upload works.

Registration website: The Chinese name is: “China Creative Packaging Design Award " registers and enrolls. Click "Registration" on the homepage of the website to enter the submission page.

Registration Options: The participant is required to fill in the information of their mobile phone number, name and institution. Competition entries fell into "art design" and "packaging creative" categories, participants should choose the right category and the sub-column for the classification of entries.

Entries and Designers: All entries submitted must be original. Creative and innovative entries are preferred, and the submitted entries should have design draft, design traces, renderings, and exhibition boards with creative design highlights that fully featured your design. ‘One entry, one person’ is recommended. No more than 3 co-authors or no more than 3 instructors for one entry.

Submission Requirements: a. Photos and design renderings (Model Pictures) of the design entries shall be submitted in plane form. The minimum is 1 and the maximum is 7. Comprehensive rendering is suggested. The image size is requested within 300dpi, not larger than 5M, and should be saved in JPG format. b. The design description should not exceed 200 words, including the information about the uniqueness of your entry. c. The name and institution of the author shall not appear in the submitted materials.

Important Note of Results: After the evaluation, the results will be revealed on the registration website. There is an entry column of "Results query" on the home page. You can also search for the results and download the certificate in the registration information. Results Inquiries are conducted in privacy. You can inquire your own results yourself, and the collective responsible person can inquire about the results under their management account. Registration information and work number are important inquiry index. Please keep the work number after submission, which is also an important index for your results.

(2) Intellectual Property Rights of Submitted Entries Autonomy Thesis Entries: The intellectual property rights of the entries belong to the designer. The organizing committee, organizers and sponsors of the competition have the rights of free exhibition, publicity and publication of all autonomy thesis works. The registration website and the creative packaging design platform of the National Vocational Education Statistics have the right to publish excellent entries for free and the right to input the works in the National Vocational Education Statistics for free; the participants are deemed to agree to the above terms. If you have any objections, you can choose not to participate in this competition.

Evaluation Criteria

The awards: first prize; second prize; third prize; honorable mention. Review Criteria: Submitted entries are judged by an experienced jury panel composed of influential academics, design professionals and industry experts to preliminary evaluate and review the entries, and nominate the winning entries.

Competition Timeline

Call for Entries: November 25, 2020 to July 10, 2021 Preliminary evaluate: July 10 to 25, 2021 Review: August 10, 2021 Final Approval: August 20, 2021 The results and certificates will be revealed around August 25, 2021

about the Award Certificate

The award certificate will be issued solely in electronic form. No paper certificate will be issued. The award certificate can be downloaded on the registration website after the results are announced. The above award certificates are all signed with the seal of "China Packaging Federation". No certificate will be issued for the not shortlisted entries, and the result will not be revealed.

Entry Fees

(1) Cost of Entries
80(CNY) will be charged for each entry, and the series entry will be charged as one piece. The paid fees can be invoiced by the Organizing Committee (Hangzhou School and Enterprise Union Technology Consulting Service Co., Ltd.). If you need to issue an invoice, please contact the organizing committee via email:
(2)Payment Method: Alipay Payment
Registration and Payment: Alipay (online registration system payment).

Contact information of the Organizing Committee

The organizing committee and the secretary of the evaluation committee of "China Creative Packaging Design Award" are located in Hangzhou.
Contact: Zhang Yaoquan, Wang Li 'an, Wang Yuanyuan, Fang Jun, Xiao Wei
Tel: 0571 – 85195830
QQ Service Group Number of Organizing Committee: 1042545292 (Updated; the original group number has been full)
Contact email of Organizing Committee:
Address: No. 23 Youdian Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Post Code: 310006